Sell Us Your Car near Americus GA

What do you do when your current set of wheels no longer fits your Americus, GA, travel needs? You visit our dealership and sell us your car!

At BMW of Albany, we want to buy your vehicle. With the help of our experts, you’ll have some extra money in your pocket in no time. Read on to learn how we make it fast and easy for you to sell us your car.

Why Sell Us Your Car?

Whether you and your partner no longer each need a vehicle, or you want to free up space in your garage, there are lots of reasons to sell your car. No matter the reason, our team of experts is eager to help you complete the process.

Check out these three reasons why you should sell us your car!

1. Saves You Time

When you sell us your car rather than privately listing it, you save yourself a lot of time. You don’t need to do the research to determine the value of your car. You also don’t need to create an ad.

When you sell us your car, we do the work for you.

2. It’s a Simple Process

A private car sale could be a long process. There’s no knowing how fast your vehicle could sell. You might receive an offer in the same week, or it could be a month without attracting any interest.

Take the unknown out of the equation by selling us your car. In some instances, you can sell us your car on the same day you visit our dealership.

3. Sold on Your Terms

If you were to privately sell your vehicle, you’d need to field calls and emails from prospective buyers. You’d also need to set aside time to meet with those interested parties, so they can test-drive your vehicle. All in all, a lot of planning is required to privately sell your car.

If you come to our dealership, everything is done on your terms. You pick the date and the time that’s the most convenient. You don’t have to plan anyone else’s schedule around yours.

Necessary Sale Paperwork

To ensure the selling process is as smooth as possible, you’ll need to gather various forms of paperwork ahead of time. By collecting these papers and bringing them with you to your appointment, you’ll make it easier to complete the sale that same day.

Paperwork You Need to Sell Your Car near Americus GA

  • Vehicle’s certificate of title
  • Proof of sale

In addition to these required papers, it’s recommended that you also bring any warranty documents, and service records. It’s also helpful if you bring the vehicle’s owner’s manual with you, too.

Necessary paperwork to sell vehicle

How To Boost Your Car’s Sale Value

When you sell us your car, we know you want the best value possible. Some light cosmetic work on your vehicle beforehand is a quick, easy way to boost its sale value. Things like a good interior and exterior cleaning go a long way.Make sure to vacuum the interior, delete your personal information and settings from your car’s system, and remove any personal belongings. Additionally, repairing any minor scratches—and giving it a good polish—makes sure your vehicle makes a good first impression.

It’s also recommended you perform any small maintenance needs before bringing it in for an appraisal. Changing the vehicle’s oil, replacing worn wiper blades, and resolving any outstanding recalls could boost your vehicle’s value.

How To Boost Your Car’s Sale Value

Sell Us Your Car near Americus GA Today

Do you want to treat yourself to an all-inclusive spa visit at Stone River Spa? What about a day spent with friends at Wolf Creek Plantation Winery? Sell us your car and enjoy some extra money as you travel around Americus, Georgia.

Contact us at BMW of Albany to get started today!

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